Sbi Atm Charges

Sbi Atm Charges

Do you know how much Sbi Charges you for your Atm transactions’

Sbi Atm charges certain amount for their services as per rules and also for any transactions beyond the monthly limit. If you are withdrawing from some other bank, Sbi charges some extra amount too.

State Bank of India also allows free of charge for their customers for 8-10 times in a month.[1] Above these mandated number of free transactions only Sbi charges certain amount from their customers.

Sbi Atm is Free of Charge in certain conditions’

Sbi Atm charges are free at their Atm and even at other bank Atm. But for that you have to maintain a certain minimum balance in your account. According to the direction by the Reserve Bank of India, top lenders in the country have certain number of free Atm transactions in a month.

The bank currently allows unlimited free transactions at Sbi Group Atm’s to its customers. For that they have to maintain a monthly average balance above Rs 25,000 in their savings bank account in the previous month.

Unlimited Atm transactions are allowed to customers who maintain an average monthly balance of Rs 1 lakh or more. Click here for Direct link:

Account holders with regular savings bank account get eight free transactions. Five transactions at Sbi Atm and three transactions at other bank Atms. But in non-metros, those account holders get 10 free transactions including 5 at Sbi Atm and 5 at others.

Sbi currently allows unlimited transactions to their customers maintaining an average balance of more than Rs 25,000. But only at Sbi Group Atm’s if their savings account has the referred amount.

They charges a fee ranging from Rs 5 plus GST to 20 plus GST for any additional transactions beyond limits.

You Know – Sbi has certain limits on the number of transactions for accounts with lower monthly average balance at their group Atm’s.

Sbi customers who maintained a monthly average balance of up to Rs 25,000 only are allowed up to 10 transactions per month free in SBG Atms. This is according to the banks website [].

Financial transactions beyond the monthly limit at SBG Atms, it charges Rs 10 + GST according to the website. Similarly any transactions beyond the monthly limit at an ATM of another bank charges Rs 20 + GST.

Finally non-financial transactions over and above the allowed free transactions, Sbi charges Rs 5 + GST.

Customers maintaining a monthly balance above 25,000 in the month gone by, Sbi allows free unlimited transactions at SBG Atms. Similarly customers maintaining a monthly balance above Rs 1 lakh the month gone by, are allowed unlimited free transactions at any bank Atm’s for the month.

For the salary accounts at any locations, Sbi offers unlimited free transactions at SBG Atm and any other bank Atms.


From ’31October’ Sbi had decreased the daily cash withdrawal limit. ITS Classic and Maestro debit cards daily withdrawal is set to Rs 20,000.

We hope this article would help you to know more about how much SBI ATM Charge.

Tips for ATM: 
 1,  How to generate pin online.
Log in to your SBI Card online account at ‘‘.
      Go to My Account on left hand side menu.
Select ‘Manage PIN
From the drop down menu, select the credit card, you want to generate the PIN for…
Enter the OTP and your ATM PIN that you want to set.
Click on ‘Submit‘ and your PIN is generated.

 2,  SBI ATM Code List.
Response Code: Click Here

 3,  SBI Customer care. Dial – 1800 425 3800
      Customer Support – Click Here


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